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Point of Light Ministries is an Iowa non-profit 501(c)(3) entity founded by David Bush in December 1995. The name of this ministry highlights David's desire to be a reflection of Christ in his sphere of influence. Point of Light underwrites David's music, allowing the focus of his activities and performances to remain on ministry impact, as opposed to money and/or entertainment. David's activities are overseen by a Board of Directors. Revenue is generated through corporate and personal contributions, product sales, offerings and honorariums.

What does Point of Light seek to accomplish?

In many cases, there is no discernible difference between the lives of those who claim to know and follow Christ and those who claim no faith at all. Point of Light Ministries uses music and media to challenge Christians to seek God for revival in their individual lives, families and churches, enabling them to become a point of light to those living in spiritual darkness. Through recorded music and live

performance, Point of Light seeks to pursuade believers to:

Follow Christ in every area of their lives

Live with a sense of urgency and brokenness regarding our society's spiritual poverty

Build strong, Christ - centered families

Develop accountable relationships with other mature believers

Develop discipling relationships with younger believers

If this is a message your church or organization needs to hear in a fresh and dynamic way, please contact Point of Light and talk with us about the possibility of hosting a concert in the near future. David is also experienced at leading worship and presenting evangelistic concerts.

How is income used?

Income is used to offset the substantial costs of developing, recording and presenting David's music and its biblical message. David is currently the only full time employee. A portion of "profits", if they are realized, are earmarked for other ministries and organizations which promote the strengthening of families and the Body of Christ. Donations to Point of Light are tax deductible.

/what is point of light ministries?

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